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New to the miles and points game?  Flustered by the idea of frequent flyer miles?  No sweat!  You’ve come to the right place (this is called Newbie Headquarters, after all)!  At Extra Pack of Peanuts, the goal is to make sense of miles and points for EVERYONE, allowing anyone who wishes to fly around the world for free.  To help you get started, I’ve made a few basic guides.  I also encourage you to comment on posts or email me if you have any questions.  Remember, we were all beginners once!

If you are new to the miles and points game, the Beginner’s Guide to Frequent Flying breaks down everything you need to know to start, step by step.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and certainly do not proceed into the wild world of miles and points without first reading this.

Confused, overwhelmed, or just need help understanding all the mumbo jumbo fine print that comes along with getting a credit card?  Take some time to look at my Tips for Picking the Right Card. I break down the important characteristics that all cards have to help make your decision easier.

If you are itching to get in to the miles and points game but are saddled with a credit score below 700, check out my Tips for Improving Credit. It’s not an impossible journey to the promiseland, trust me.  I’ve been there myself, and these basic tips can help you boost your score and start earning miles and points in no time.

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