1. I was just gonna writing a post on my goal to get 500k M&P next YR…scrap that post! lol. Good luck applying for all those cards. In my experience you will have to make some consideration phone calls but totally possible! I’d say if your credit score is great and you can make those min spends…go for it!

    • @Elena- Yeah, I’m going to try to pare down the minimum spend a bit, probably with some of the ways listed. My credit score is pretty high, and I’m also putting it out among a bunch of lenders. It will probably be my biggest AoR to date. Of course, I’ll be updating everyone after I do it to let them know what I decided on and how it shook out.

  2. Trav – I think the unpublished Citi card for 50K Hilton points and no annual fee is 1,500 in 4 months, not six.

    • @Danny- I just checked the terms and conditions and it didn’t state it anywhere. Could you shoot me a link to where you found that? I’m not sure why I thought 6 months. It’d be nice to get that cleared up!

  3. why not get the no fee AMEX Hilton card?

    • @Laura- I already got that card Nov, 2011. I have heard that you might be able to get the same Amex cards every year, but not sure if that applies to the Hilton card and I’ve kept it open anyway, since it gives me a free night each year.

      • From my recent experience, you definitely need to wait 12 months after you close an amex before you get another “in that same family” again. So, for example, I closed out an SPG in the summer and reapplied again in October and got no bonus whatsoever. So, now, with Amex, if you want to maximize, then you need to close as soon as points are posted so that your 12 month clock will start again.

        • @bluecat- Yeah, that is what I’ve heard; 12 months after CLOSING, which is a bit of a bummer. This is especially a pain for cards like the Amex Hilton, which give a free night. I want to keep it open for the free night and the no annual fee, but if I never close it, I can never get it again. Decisions decisions!

          I’m also a little wary about closing right after points post and not waiting at least 11 months. Won’t Amex catch on if you do this often enough? Do you have any experience with closing right after your points post?

  4. I’d look at the NFL extra points card instead of Frontier Airlines card. Spend $1000 and get $400 in credits to apply to the bill. Not travel per say but if you spend $400 on a ticket or hotel stay it will end up being free. I’d take that over 35k frontier miles, especially since you have Southwest points and CP already.

    Good luck on the AOR. I just finished 4 cards for my wife in August and did 4 of my own last week.

  5. The BA card is back with 100k miles – 50k at first and then 25k after 10k and another 25k miles after the remaining 10k spend. High spend, but if you can swing it 100k miles. Gary wrote about it earlier.

    • @Ken- Yeah, that’s the offer I wrote about in the post above. I just considered it a 50k offer because there was no way I’d be making the extra spend to get the additional points. If the 100k was easier to get, I’d definitely be jumping on that over the Hyatt or Priority Club cards. With it only 50k (for me), it makes it much tougher to decide! Advice? Which one would you grab?

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