LIMITED TIME: Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus Bonus Increased to 60k


When it rains increased sign up bonuses, it pours!

Yesterday, I wrote that the Barclays USAirways card increased it’s public offer to 40k, and today, it gets even better.

My absolutely favorite business cards, the Chase Ink Bold and the Chase Ink Plus, have increased their sign up bonus to 60k after spending $5,000 in  3 months.

The regular offer is 50k after spending $5,000 in 3 months.

I don’t know when this offer will be over, but it does state that it is a LIMITED TIME offer.  Last June, this offer last 1 week.

Why The Ink Bold and Ink Plus are Great

These cards are essentially identical, with the lone exception being that the Ink Bold is a charge card (you must pay the balance off in full each month) whereas the Ink Plus is a credit card.  I always recommend you pay off your balance in full no matter what card you have!

Here are the highlights:

  • They earn Chase points, which are my favorite type of frequent flyer currency because they are so flexible.  They can be used to transfer to United, Southwest, and Hyatt, among others, and also used as “cash” to purchase a ticket on any flight.
  • They earn 5x on cable, internet, and cellphone bills.
  • They also earn 5x at office supply stores.
  • They earn 2x on gas and hotels.
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • Annual fee waived the first year.

Basically, if you can meet the minimum spend on these cards, getting one of these cards is a no-brainer.  I use my Chase Ink Bold as my everyday spend card.

To read more about these cards, check out 6 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Chase Ink Bold.

Can I Get Both Cards?

Yes, because they are technically different cards, you can get both cards and get the sign up bonus for both.

However, you CAN’T apply for both at the same time.

You should wait at least 91 days in between applications.

I’d recommend getting the Chase Ink Bold first, and the Chase Ink Plus later.

Final Word(s)

As long as you can make the minimum spend requirement, I recommend jumping on this card now.

60k is one of the best sign up bonuses out there (and 10k more than the regular bonus).

I personally have both the Chase Ink Bold and the Chase Ink Plus, and use them all the time.  But I only got the 50k bonus, so I’m jealous of anyone who applies now!

If you do choose to apply and send me an email at to ask for a link, I truly appreciate the support. 

Any questions, please let me know in the comments below


  1. FYI, there’s currently a $500 sign-up bonus for the new Wells Fargo Propel card.

  2. That’s a phenomenal deal! I had a hard time hitting the minimum spend requirement for the Bold, but just received my 50k. UR points are the best out there: just think, it’s only 60k roundtrip to Europe on United with a saver award!

  3. And ttis works out great with the staples $200 gift cards!

    • @Credit Card Joint- Yes, yes it does!

      • Can you please explain the Staples $200 gc you guys are talking about ? Thanks. Also, seems like both these Chase cards are only for business owners, right ? Or am I missing out on something obvious here ?

        • @Shah- You earn 5x per $1 spent at Staples. This means that if you buy a $200 gift card and pay $4.95, you earn 1000 miles for $4.95. It’s a way to buy miles at a cheap rate, and also help meet a minimum spend.

          Yes, they are for business owners. If you do anything to make money outside of your traditional job (selling things online, doing extra consulting, etc.) you can be considered a business owner.

  4. I’ve been considering getting one of these for Tortuga. Looks like now is the time.

    Any reason to get the Bold over the Ink Plus if they have the same bonuses and point multipliers?

    • @Tortuga Backpacks- Basically the only reason to get the Bold instead of the Plus is that if you do want to get the other one at a later date (and double your bonus), it seems easier to say “I need a credit card too” (the Ink Plus) after having the charge card (the Ink Bold), then vice versa. That’s the only reason.

  5. I’m super excited….I applied for this (via your link) and got a message saying that they needed to review my application and a decision would be mailed to me within 30 days. I was nervous for a bit, wondering if they were going to decline me since I am usually approved instantly (though there wouldn’t have been a good reason for them to do so…) and a couple of days ago I received confirmation that I was approved. Woo hoo! My husband already has the Chase Sapphire Preferred so now we can both save up miles for the same things. Love the idea of getting $200 gift cards at Staples; is there a limit to how many you can buy? Have there been any problems with those cards, to your knowledge? (Such as there have been with the Vanilla Reload cards recently?) Thanks for letting us know about this offer!

    • @Lily Ann Fouts-

      No, no problem, and I don’t think there is any limit on the number of gift cards. I’d just make sure to supplement them with some other spending, as well.

      Congrats on getting approved. Free travel, here you come!

  6. Hey Travis,

    If you already have a Chase Sapphire and apply for this card, are the UR points combined with the points earned from the Sapphire card as well? And can this be done with the Business and Personal cards as well? Basically, if I have 30k UR points, apply for both cards, meet the minimum spends, will I have 150k points in my UR account? Thanks!

    • @t1flanagan- They will go to a different account, but you can combine them between accounts very easily. Takes literally 1 minute, and you can do it whenever you want.

      So, in essence, they are the same points, and yes, you’ll have 150k points. But remember, you can only apply for either the Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Bold at a time, not both at the same time.

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