Ranking The Best and Worst Frequent Flyer Miles

big sumo vs small sumo

When many people first start earning frequent flyer miles, they make the mistake of focusing on the NUMBER of miles they are earning instead of the type of miles they are earning.

But here’s the problem:

Not all frequent flyer miles are created equal.

Not by a long shot!

Some are great all around. Continue Reading…

A Beginner’s Guide to Airline Elite Status: Help Me!

Elite Airline Status

A Beginner’s Guide to Airline Elite Status is a series that will help you understand how elite status works, how you should can get it, and if it is worth it.  Other posts include:

  • Help Me!
  • Deciding Which Airline Status To Go For
  • A Plan for Earning Status
  • Determining How Much Airline Status Will Cost
  • Is It Worth It?

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My April 2013 App-o-Rama Recap: The Best Laid Plans…(Part 1)

Lego plans

[If you don't know what an App-o-Rama is, check out this post first.]

Well, that didn’t go exactly as I expected.

And while I knew that this App-o-Rama might be a little tricky, even I was thrown for a loop by some of the decisions, both positive and negative. Continue Reading…

Taking (AA)dvantage of American Airlines Third Award Chart, the OneWorld Explorer Awards

OneWorld Explorer Award Chart

If you’re reading the title and thinking “wait, Americans Airlines has 3 award charts?”, you’re not alone.  Many, many people don’t realize (or forget) that American Airlines actually has 3 different award charts.

These award charts can be used in different circumstances and of course, can be maximized in different ways. Continue Reading…

My April App-o-Rama: Meet the Candidates

2013 AoR Candidates

It’s Christmas in April.  Yep, time for my first App-o-Rama of 2013!

If you don’t know what an App-o-Rama is, check out What the Deuce is an App-o-Rama and the 4 Most Commonly Asked Questions about App-o-Ramas first.

This is my 4th App-o-Rama since starting the site (February 2012, August 2012, December 2012), and I’ve got to admit, each time it gets harder and harder to figure out what cards I’m going to go after. Continue Reading…

How To Circumnavigate the Globe for Less Than $500: Wayne’s Story

Wayne's Around the World Route

Wayne’s Around the World Route

Today, we welcome in Wayne, an EPoP reader extraordinaire who recently completed an amazing around the world journey using frequent flyer miles.  

A year ago, Wayne was a frequent flyer newbie and now, he’s putting together itineraries that would make any frequent flyer veteran jealous!  

Not only will Wayne’s story inspire you, but he’ll show you exactly how he did it so that you can do the same! Continue Reading…

How to Get to the Maldives (or anywhere else in the world) Using Frequent Flyer Miles

Relaxation, personified.

Relaxation, personified.

Want to go to Hawaii, London, or Tokyo using frequent flyer miles?  No sweat.  All the alliances fly there, and fly there often.  In fact, you’ll most likely have your pick of partners.

But what about trying to get to a more remote destination, like the Maldives?

This is where using frequent flyer miles can take a bit of work and planning. Continue Reading…

My August App-o-Rama: Meet the Candidates

When I first started this blog, one of the first posts I wrote was a breakdown of all the candidates for my February 2012 App-o-Rama.  To this day, it still remains one of the more popular posts and I continue to receive emails about it, 5 months later!

Now, as I prepare for my next AoR (What the Deuce is an App-o-Rama? Continue Reading…

Maximize Your Miles: Stopovers and Open Jaws on American Airlines

The Maximize Your Miles series will teach you how to squeeze the most possible value out of your frequent flyer miles and allow you to take trips of a lifetime for even less!

Other posts in the series include:

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The Secret to Never Paying Fuel Charges on Award Tickets

[UPDATE:  I've actually written a whole series on fuel surcharges that is also more up to date.  Head to the first part by clicking here]

You’ve finally done it!

You followed all my advice in the Beginner’s Guide to Frequent Flying, earned your points, found the flights you want, and are now set to take that special someone on your “always dreamed about, never before realized” trip to Paris. Continue Reading…