Top 10 Weirdest Foods


We’re half way through Podcast Gluttony, so what better way to celebrate than to record an episode about food?

Today Jason joins me as we discuss the 10 weirdest foods that we’ve eaten, both in our travels, and strangely enough, in our own homes! Continue Reading…

Reader Q&A: Credit Cards


This week’s Reader Questions focus around credit cards. Namely your top 5 credit card questions.

  • “I want to take a trip, what’s the best card for me to open?”
  • “How does opening cards affect my credit score?”
  • “Which cards should I keep open?
  • Continue Reading…

Photo Journal: Croatia


The old city of Dubrovnik

Craggy limestone karsts of the Dinaric Alps butting up against the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea make for one of the most stunning backdrops I have ever seen. Croatia’s history and culture have also been influenced by Roman architecture and the casual way of Mediterranean life. Continue Reading…

Everything you Need to Know About Passports and Visas with Allied Passport


Do I need a visa to go to China? Indonesia? Brazil?

One of the most complicated aspects of planning a trip can be the process of getting a visa. From hard to understand terminology to demands that don’t fit your schedule, researching visas is always stressful. Continue Reading…

Destination Diaries- Croatia


Croatia is a land of beautiful beaches, well preserved historical sites, and delicious fried calamari.

In today’s episode Heather and I take a look back at our 3 weeks in Eastern Europe, most notably, the time we spent on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik. Continue Reading…

Life as the World’s Greatest Guinea Pig with A.J. Jacobs


What do you do when you want to become more educated…or healthier…or learn more about religion?

If you answers to those look anything like this:

  • Read the encyclopedia from A to Z.
  • Live by every rule in the Bible for a year.
  • Continue Reading…

The Top 16 Breweries in America


Today’s podcast starts with a very apt question.

“So, what are you drinking?”

Jason and I get together this week to talk about one of our favorite subjects.


We take the time to list out our 8 favorite breweries each (for a total of 16 awesome places to visit) and let you know just why each one made our list. Continue Reading…

EPoP 059: How to Choose the Right Backpack

How to Choose the Right Backpack

What bag should I bring for a two week trip to Europe?

When you’re planning your first trip (or your hundredth) one of the most important decisions you can make is what type of bag you’ll be bringing.

So, little surprise that it’s one of the most asked questions from EPoP readers! Continue Reading…

Photo Journal: India


Two years ago, Heather and I packed up our apartment in Japan and went off on an epic adventure.

We were moving back to the States but before we landed at JFK we knew we needed to have  - what we thought at the time – would be our last big trip. Continue Reading…

EPoP 58: Cooking the World with Sasha Martin


How many countries have you traveled to?

A pretty common question in a group of travelers.

But for Sasha Martin there is a much better question.

How many countries have you tasted?

Her answer: All of them!

Driven by a need to show her (then 6 month old) daughter the world in a way that would be meaningful, but without the means to travel, Sasha came up with a different solution. Continue Reading…