Walking the Camino: Everything You Need to Know


The Camino is a pilgrimage that people have been making for over a thousand years.

A physical, emotional, and spiritual journey to the far end of northwest Spain.

And one that has become incredibly popular in the last 10 years with people looking to get away from it all and take time to reflect. Continue Reading…

How to Score Incredible Accommodations for Free!


What’s better than having all the conveniences of home while you’re away?

Getting them for free.

We’re all about traveling more while spending less, and getting free accommodations is THE way to spend less. So what is it we did?


An ever growing community of people open their homes to people in exchange for the knowledge that their property and sometimes pets will be well cared for in their absence. Continue Reading…

Top 14 Most Beautiful Places on Earth


Embrace the wanderlust.

Today Jason joins me once again to discuss some of the most beautiful places on earth. Or perhaps to break the rules and throw in honorable mentions left and right. One of these days I’ll make him stick to the rulebook. Continue Reading…

How I Ended Up in a 5 Bedroom Mansion in Breckenridge with a BMW and a Hot Tub

sun-and-mountains The captivating peaks of the Rocky Mountains surround a beautiful five bedroom house overlooking the charming town of Breckenridge.

Yeah, that Breckenridge.

The insanely popular ski destination.

The place with world class restaurants and amazing hiking and biking.

And oh, those views; some of the most majestic America has to offer. Continue Reading…

Our Biggest Travel Mishaps


When you follow me on social media you might think that my travel was all delicious food, great beer, and amazing vistas.

You’d be wrong.

Those things do happen (quite a lot actually), but there are moments in between when things go just a touch sideways. Continue Reading…

Making it Happen


What happens when you put two digital nomads on a podcast together?

We geek out about location independent lifestyles.

Today, we have on Rob from Making It Anywhere, a site that shows people how to start making a living while traveling the world. Continue Reading…

Destination Diary- Portland


Portland, Oregon has it all.

From excellent beer to delicious coffee, the best ice cream in the world, and amazing food carts around every corner Portland is a dream come true!

As we record this episode we are actually IN Portland for the second time this year. Continue Reading…

17 Years of Silence with the Planetwalker


Often when we decide to follow a path outside of the norm people have one word for us.


John Francis has heard that used to describe his choices more times than he can count.

After the oil spill in San Francisco Bay in the 70′s John Francis decided that he would help raise environmental consciousness and stopped taking all forms of motorized transportation. Continue Reading…

Top 12 Sporting Events Around The World


What’s better than getting locked into a cage with a bunch of crazy sports fans in Croatia? Or making giant signs saying “King Kong Stinks!” at a WWE match? Or perhaps finding ingenious ways to sneak alcohol into the Kentucky Derby? Continue Reading…

The Top 20 Things to Bring On a Flight


One of the worst feelings when traveling is boarding the plane, opening your carryon, and realizing that you either forgot something at home or you put it in your checked bags.

Ok, I guess getting food poisoning in Malaysia might be worse, but…

An 8 hour flight without headphones? Continue Reading…