How to Combat Jet Lag


Every traveler has encountered it.

We’ve all fought epic battles against it.

And far too often, it wins the fight.


Today Heather joins me as we discuss some of the ways that have helped us make headway against jetlag. From eating healthy snacks and avoiding alcohol to finding a monetary motivation to get out of bed in the morning, we’ve tried a lot of strategies over the years, and we’re here to share those with you. Continue Reading…

A Day in the Life…


How was your vacation?

This is a question that we get asked a lot.

Since starting EPoP, we have been blessed to be able to travel quite frequently.

Some of our friends and families have misconceptions as to what this actually entails, which could have something to do with the images and posts we put on social media. Continue Reading…

14 Super Touristy Destinations That We Love


Since you already know that we’re super tourists (and super nerdy) we decided to take it a step farther and list off our favorite touristy destinations around the world.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

These are the places that are seen by many independent travelers to be a little to full of tourists for their tastes. Continue Reading…

“Retirement”, Relationships & Buying a Home in Another Country with Warren & Betsy Talbot. Part II


Yesterday Warren and Betsy shared amazing advice on starting your travel journey and finding a home base that you absolutely love.

Today we continue the trend of great advice and discuss a very important topic to me personally and I’m sure to a lot of you as well! Continue Reading…

“Retirement”, Relationships & Buying a Home in Another Country with Warren & Betsy Talbot. Part I


Would you rather eat Thai food tonight, or go eat food in Thailand?

After seeing some of their friends having health issues in their 30′s Warren and Betsy Talbot sat down to a serious conversation to decide what they wanted their life to be like. Continue Reading…

Within 2 Hours of Landing in Italy…


It’s not “the more you travel, the better you get at it” it’s the sloppier you get!

Jason’s infamous words when we told him of our recent slew of travel mishaps.

And boy was he right.

Within 2 hours of landing in Italy, if it could go wrong, it did. Continue Reading…

Tips & Tricks: Staying Fit on the Road


Sticking to your workout routine can be hard when you travel.
Or your diet
Or your work habits (but we’ve already talked about that one…)

With surroundings that are constantly changing and the urge to relax and try all the new dishes that the local cuisine has to offer those routines roll even farther downhill. Continue Reading…

14 Super Touristy Activities That We Love


“That’s soooooo Touristy!”

Today we throw any, and all, preconceived notions of our “coolness” straight out the window.

Jason joins me as we discuss the ultimate taboo in independent travel.

Being a tourist.

We discuss our love of guided tours, pub crawls, “tourist” transportation and more without shame because sometimes you just have to get your tourist on! Continue Reading…

Packing as Light as Air with Fred Perotta


Who better to give packing advice than the man who has designed his own travel backpack?

Today we bring back Fred Perotta, creator of Tortuga Backpacks, to completely geek out on packing tips and tricks.

From the items that take up the most room in your bag to how long you need to pack for we cover tips that will leave you wondering where all that space in your bag came from! Continue Reading…

21 Ways to Save $$ on Accommodation – Part II


Yesterday you heard some of the more common ways to save money on your accommodations. Today Jason and I finish off our list with some of the more obscure and black hat tips available to you.

We even cease with the cat jokes. Continue Reading…