EPoP 050: The Road Headed West with Leon McCarron


Ever sat at your desk and wondered what adventure could be out there for you? Daydreaming about that “one big trip”?

Leon McCarron did.

He had a yearning to bicycle across The United States for as long as his savings could support him. Continue Reading…

EPoP 049: Pack Like a Pro- The Top 20 Travel Essentials


“Well, I’ll bring it just in case.”

“Am I REALLY going to need this?”

“What have I forgotten? I know I’ve got to be forgetting something!”

You’re about to leave home for a glorious vacation, but you’re stuck on one of the very last things you do before leaving:

Packing. Continue Reading…

EPoP 048: 8 Tips to Become a Better Travel Photographer with Michael Nyffeler


“Take lots of pictures!!”

One of the last things our friends and families say to us as we embark on journeys to exotic destinations.

We all want to come home with National Geographic esq shots, to really capture the beauty of the places we visit, but do we know how? Continue Reading…

My 2013 World Domination Summit Report Card: 1 Year Later, How’d I Do?


After attending World Domination Summit last year for the first time, I posted the 7 lessons I learned and the goals they inspired me to set and stated:

Learning a lesson doesn’t mean anything if you don’t implement it. 

The post went semi-viral, motivated others, and most importantly, held me accountable. Continue Reading…

EPoP 047: Stock Trader by Day, Word Traveler by Night with Marcello Arrambide


What’s the biggest benefit of a location independent lifestyle?


Marcello Arrambide of has worked hard to guarantee himself “complete freedom”, which he defines as financial, time and location freedom.

For a few hours each day, he works as a day trader, the “easiest hardest thing you can do” and spends the rest of his time traveling around the world. Continue Reading…

An Amazing Apartment Amidst the Sun, Sand, and Surf in Split


To book Natasa’s apartment in Split, click here.

While on a two month trip to Europe this spring, Heather and I decided to “settle down” in one place for at least three weeks.

Having always wanted to visit Croatia, we thought a little bit of sun, sand and surf was the perfect place to call home for a few weeks. Continue Reading…

EPoP 046: Sailing Around The World (and Russian Saunas) with Bo Cordle


If you didn’t know how to sail, but wanted to circumnavigate the globe, what would your first action be?

Bo Cordle bought a sailboat.

That he didn’t really know how to sail (but he had read a book once..).

Today Bo joins us to talk about his dream to sail around the world, how he came up with the idea, what he’s been doing to prepare for his trip (like learning how to sail), and how he ended up getting flogged in a Russian sauna. Continue Reading…

A Jewel In Montmartre- The Best Place to Stay in Paris

23 [My accommodations in Paris were complimentary, courtesy of GowithOh. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.]


In Paris, we stayed in a cute 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom GowithOh apartment in the Montmartre quarter, just a few blocks above Moulin Rouge and a short ten minute hike up to Sacre-Coeur. Continue Reading…

EPoP 045: Crossing the Desert and The Startup LIfe with Lauren McLeod of Flightfox


Did you know that you can get cheaper flights to Antarctica from Chile than almost anywhere else?

How about that round trip international tickets are often cheaper than one way international ticket?

Or that almost everywhere you travel there is a small airline that doesn’t show up on most search engines? Continue Reading…

Postcards From China: Our 14 Best Photos


China, place that’s impossible to describe to people who haven’t been there, and almost impossible to comprehend even when you are there.

A place full of amazing contradictions, from karst landscapes on the Li River that date to prehistoric times to modern marvels like the Bird’s Nest in Beijing and the skyline of Shanghai. Continue Reading…